youtube helps in seo and getting visitors

This article will be explaining the usefulness of Youtube in SEO and getting tonnes of visitors. Youtube isn’t just a video site, its a lot more. Its the second most popular search engine after Google, so it can help in Search Engine Optimization. Here are few very useful tips on how you can use your video uploads for your site SEO and generation of traffic.

  • Give good and appropriate title, meta tags, keywords and meaningful description to your video upload. Drop only one link in description, don’t misuse this field.
  • Allow embedding and sharing options of your video on Youtube. If people like your video, then they surely share it on their social profiles. This act as self-promotion of your video and ultimately leads to more traffic to your site.
  • In your videos, motivate people to comment on what they have just watched. Make your videos interesting, if they find your videos interesting they will surely visit your site. Just motivate them, don’t obsess it.
  • Make your videos of short length, people usually don’t watch long videos. World is much more busy now! Short, but meaningful.
  • Obviously, quality matters. Make your videos look professional. This leaves a positive impact on the viewer, ultimately a good impression of your site/product.

More views of your videos means more traffic to your site and more help in SEO. If you still get less views, then socialize on Youtube, watch other people videos and post your own video as a “video response”. Post your video on social medias to get some initial views and ask your friends to post some useful comments on your video.

Youtube traffic and SEO has a lot of potential. You can easily get most out of it with less work. Give it a shot! Enjoy!