why gmail is the best for webmasters
A webmaster needs to keep track of details. There are a number of different tools available with a Gmail account you can use to keep track of the details. Everything will integrate with your email; saving you time and keeping you up-to-date.



One of the most important tools is Google Analytics. With this, you have the ability to completely monitor any traffic that visits your site. You will know how many unique visitors you have and how long each one stays on the site. If people are landing on your site and just clicking through to something else, you need to make some changes to the way the page looks. This tool will also let you know which pages in your site get visited. Now you know what people are interested in and can plan your content accordingly. A great feature of Analytics is the ability to know where your visitors came from. Some may be coming from browser searches and others from a link placed on a different site leading to yours.
It is not only traffic information that is available. You will have complete information on the keywords and phrases used in the content. Now you know if you need to change the wording to fit in with search engine algorithms for better result placement.


Webmasters Tools

This is invaluable to webmasters. If the search engines do not know your site exists, they cannot rank you. This is the tool used to submit the site to search engines. It can be used to make sure that your site functions as it should; that when a link is click you actually go to that page. Now it makes sure that each page is submitted so they can be found on their own. A person may not be looking for your whole site, but want information you have on one page. Having each page submitted allows them to be indexed to find the information you have. Many times, if the information is good, they will check out other pages too.



Gmail is the premier email system. It links to almost every type of tool and app you could ever need. Set up an account for each website you build. You can then have all the different accounts funnel into one main account. Each site you maintain will send you the statistics and any problems or changes made so you can take care of the situation. Keep track of everything in the Docs app and you will always be aware of what is happening with your sites.
There is no need to mess around and try to get a bunch of different programs to work together when Gmail will do it all for you. No matter what hosting you use or whether or not you sue a web builder, Gmail will be a benefit to your website upkeep. The time you save is time you can spend building another site for another customer.


This guest post comes from freelance writer Victoria who loves using gmail.com.