increase your site page views

One of the most important things to focus is to engage your user on your site. The user must find attraction in your site. This will get you more page views. More page views means visitors like your site and this will ultimately turn into profit for you.

So, how you can get more page views on your site? Here are some simple tips that will help you a lot.

  1. Update your blog daily: If the visitors will find fresh, quality and more content, then they will spend more time on your site.
  2. Use Pictures and Videos in your post: This makes the post interesting and attractive for visitor.
  3. Quality of content matters: Fresh, unique and interesting content gives a charming impact to visitor. Try to write in simple and interesting manner. Make your posts clear and use headings where necessary.
  4. Integrate Social Media into posts: Most people share on social medias like Facebook if they find the post useful.  So, this helps to get more free visitors. What’s better than having a free promotion ;).

That’s all folks. These tips will help to generate a lot more page views and visitors. These tips will help in SEO as well. Stay tune for more useful tips.